Groups are smaller groups that meet during the week, throughout the community, and in a variety of different contexts. Some are season-of-life-specific while others are related to a Bible or book study. Some process the message from the weekend gathering while others surround themselves around serving projects. And some are as simple as sharing a meal and praying together while kids run through the house - because that's just life. But what they all have in common is that they put us in life around a circle, where we get to see each other face-to-face and have the opportunity to experience authentic community.


The reason behind groups isn't just some good idea, but the truth that we are created for community. In a busy culture like ours, it often takes intention to create space for the community that we are meant for. Groups helps facilitate that space to do life together.

The other reason behind groups has to do with mission. Groups have the potential to be a less-threatening and welcoming environment for us to invite neighbors, colleagues, and friends to because they take place in the midst of ordinary, everyday life contexts. Whether we are processing the implications of following Jesus, collaborating to meet a need, or watching football together, the conversations and relationships in a group setting have the potential to put Jesus on someone else's radar. That is how groups can not only create space for doing life together, but doing life together on mission.


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