Bethel Church is a community of people changed by Jesus Christ. We are all in different stages of our faith journey, learning about the grace, truth, and hope that there is available in Jesus and figuring out how these things affect our everyday ordinary lives - both individually and together. It is a constant process for each of us, which is why we value the concept of daily following Jesus. And thankfully, even when we are not perfect at it, Jesus still invites us to follow Him.

We call this discipleship, which is simply following Jesus.



God loves us. People matter to Him. It is the beautiful reason behind why He gave us Jesus. Even though we are broken, imperfect people, God expresses His love and extends His forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. We are motivated to share the story of how much people matter with our lives and through the opportunities that God gives us with everyday relationships, families, neighbors, strangers, and the community around us. We want to love and care for people, including one another, in the way that responds to how God has loved and cared for us. 

We do this through community.



Life can feel hard and broken. In a world that does not always make sense or poses tension, we hold fast to the hope that we have in Jesus - hope that God is with us even in the hardest of times and hope of spending eternity with Him one day. We have both a present hope and an eternal hope because of Jesus. It is this hope that we want to share with the community and world around us through everyday opportunities that we are given.

This is the mission that Jesus has invited us to be a part of.


Jesus-Centered: All we are and everything we do should  reflect who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

Trust the Bible: The Bible is the story of Jesus in which God communicates with people about Himself and presents principles for living. Because of this, we actively pursue deeper Biblical knowledge in order to apply it to our lives.

Prayer: Through ongoing conversation with the Lord, the Holy Spirit transforms and empowers us for His purposes.

Spirit-led Inspiration: Continually allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire faith-filled thinking leads to creative ways of reaching people for Jesus.

People Matter: All people are created in God’s image and should feel known and loved.

Shared Ministry: Through Jesus we all have direct access to God and each share the responsibility of ministering to others as led by the Holy Spirit.

Everyday Disciple-Making: We are passionate about seeing followers of Jesus embrace the opportunities they have to make disciples in their everyday lives.

Healthy Families: We strive to build confident families that intentionally pursue God’s design in the home and in our community.

Community Involvement: We care for our community by being engaged, actively participating in local events, and helping meet needs in any way we can.

Generosity: Because Jesus has given us so much, we can respond by wholeheartedly and sacrificially giving our time and resources to benefit others both locally and globally.