• Bethel Church - Chehalis (map)
  • 132 Kirkland Rd
  • Chehalis, WA, 98532
  • United States


Seattle to Portland [STP] is an annual bike ride with its halfway point being in the Twin Cities. Every year, Bethel Chehalis serves as a mid-point destination for STP riders to stay the night. 

If you have questions about staying at Bethel Church or volunteering to help, please contact Courtney Johnson or call our central office: 360.748.0119.


Fee: $48
Housing Option Provided: Indoor Camping / Outdoor Camping w/Bed Floor Space
Services Provided: Baggage / Indoor Bike Storage / Showers / Free Wifi
For Outdoor Camping Only: Tent Space / RV Space
Meals: Dinner & Breakfast
Dinner: spinach salad bar, meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, bread/butter, dessert, decaf coffee & water
Breakfast: assorted muffins, bagels, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, oven potatoes, sausage, granola, oatmeal, orange juice, coffee, water