2017/18 School of the Arts Instructors 

Inspiring Artists To Discover And Share Their Passion

Erin Anderson loves to sing and inspire that passion for singing to all her students. From kindergarten into adulthood, Erin has been involved in choirs, from jazz and classical, to a capella and church music. Her fondest memories growing up were performing with her high school choir and singing solos in choral competitions. Seeing students grow in their skill as a singer brings such joy as a teacher. Erin has a Bachelors Degree in Music from Northwest University and has been teaching private voice and piano for the past 9 years. Erin’s favorite type of music is Broadway showtunes and her current favorite a capella group is Pentatonix. 

Susan Clark started her art journey at an early age.  Think 4 years old coloring on the walls.  She studied illustration in college, and has been working/enjoying that field.  She has taught private art lessons for 7 years, public high school art for 3 years, and has been doing her own work since 2005.  Her favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil and most recently henna.  She is a wife, mama, and artist usually found outdoors, who would love to walk you through creating something fun and beautiful.  She also leads our Art Workshops.

Erica Dyeson is the Director of the School of the Arts. Her love of arts and details led her to a Arts Management Degree from TCU. Since then she has worked both for private & public corporations, shared her love of dance and music with all ages and started a few companies with her husband Tim. Bethel Church opened the doors for starting School of the Arts in downtown Centralia in May 2015 and the dream keeps getting better!

Tim Dyeson has been playing drums on worship teams since 1998. His teaching emphasis is on steady rhythm and creativity. He is a versatile instructor and can work with a wide variety of learning styles.  Tim is teaching Drum & Drumset classes this session.

Blake Rasmussen grew up singing and playing music for church with his family. As many musicians do, Blake started with piano lessons as a young kid, but due to his broad interests and short attention span, he soon began cello lessons and eventually became an oboist. When a friend gave him a Jack Johnson CD, Blake decided that he wanted to learn to play the guitar. Soon Blake was leading music for several churches, and even spent a short time as a guitarist in a local Screamo band. In college Blake led various church and school worship teams, and upon graduation was hired as a full time worship pastor where he served for two years. Of all of Blake’s interests, playing guitar is one his favorites because it feels the least like “work”.

Stacy Ridgley loves teaching drama and directing shows.  She has 30 years of experience - ten of which were with a full-time drama ministry.  She particularly loves working with kids (of all ages).  Stacy is teaching Acting for kids & teens this session.

Caleb Rogers has been teaching ukulele for the past three years. He considers it the friendliest of all instruments and never goes on an adventure without taking one along. He has performed, and taught, in countries all over the world. He is able to teach in English, Spanish and French.  Caleb is moving to Seattle this Fall, however he will lead Ukulele Workshops and attend Jam Sessions this session.

Kathrynn Dunn Saari has a love for art and loves to share her passion with others. She has made costumes for stage and events for over 35 years.  She has been involved with WFWEST high school theater since 2006 making costumes, painting stage sets, and applying makeup. She has also taught arts and crafts classes for Longview Parks & Rec.  Kathrynn will be our special guest instructor for Sewing and assist with costumes for our actors this year.

Lilja Voetberg has played both piano and fiddle since she was 6. She is a three-time state fiddle champion, a nine-time regional fiddle champion and has been a top five finisher at the national fiddle competition twice. Lilja studies classical piano, competes at fiddle competitions throughout the year, and travels and performs with her family band “The Voetberg Family Band.” Lilja is a Mark O'Connor certified teacher and has spent the last two years teaching private music lessons to kids of all ages and spreading her love and passion for music all over the country.   Lilja is teaching Fiddle & Piano and will lead our Jam Sessions this session.

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