Spring 2016 Class Catalog

(all classes located in Bethel Downtown Centralia, 413 N Tower Ave)

February 15 - June 9, 2016

Inspiring Artists To Discover and Share Their Passion

ACTING – Stacy Ridgley
Beginning Drama - This class is for those who have little-to-no experience onstage but a desire to learn, laugh and be silly.  This will be a hands-on, active class that will learn the basics of acting through theater games and exercises.  
Minimum age: 8
Mondays 6p – 6:50p (Class is open to new students)

Intermediate/Advanced Acting - This is a performance level drama class.  We will learn through drama exercises and hands-on experience working toward a production.  Come with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. There is an opportunity to audition and perform in a Dinner Theater event in April! 
Minimum age: 8, Placement will require a cold-read audition.
Mondays 7p – 7:50p (Class is open to new students)


EARLY MUSIC (for ages 5 – 8)
Explore Music
– Amy Mumford
The introductory class (Level 1A) is designed to give young students the opportunity to explore the inner workings of music in a fun way. We will spend time learning basic music theory and exploring music. This will help your child succeed with any future musical instrument, including piano, guitar, flute, violin, and voice. Class is open to new students.
Level 1B will be using keyboards, rhythm instruments, and Boomwhackers as they continue learning notes and chords on the grand staff, and take a more in-depth look at time signatures, dynamics, creative rhythms, and articulation and terminology.
Age Range: 5-8
Required Materials:  Doctor Mozart Music Theory Workbook: Level 1A or 1B by Paul Christopher Musgrave and Machiko Yamane Musgrave. Amazon.com
Mondays 4p – 4:50p (Level 1B, continuing students & new students)

Introduction to Fiddle
– Lilja Voetberg
Learn the basics of playing the fiddle by listening and watching and doing! The main focus of this class is to help students develop a “good” ear, however, they will also be introduced to basic note-reading. I emphasize fundamental technique; bowing, intonation, and rhythm by teaching fun fiddle tunes and creating opportunities to perform. I will be using the O’Connor method which takes into consideration that, even at the beginning levels, learning music that contains a timeless quality is a healthy bridge that can be built between all generations and develops a lifelong love of music-making. Beginner tunes can be great tunes, and could very well stay with the student for a lifetime of playing and performing.
Age Range: 6-12
Prerequisites: Must be able to have fun!
Required Materials: Violin (in playable condition) and Shoulder rest available at Ray Violin Shop in Olympia. Plus O’Connor Method Book I (www.oconnormethod.com). 
102 Thursdays 3:30p-4:20p (returning students)
101 Thursdays 4:30p–5:20p (Class is open to new students)


Beginning Guitar – Michael Green
In this class we learn the basic and most common guitar chords, along with music theory necessary to utilize the chords in songs. Improvisation and a variety of music genres will be explored.
Limited or no experience
Ages: 11 - Adult
Required Materials: standard 6-string guitar (acoustic/wooden preferred)
102 Mondays 3:30p-4:20p (continuing students or with some experience)
101 Mondays 4:30p-5:20p (Class is open to new students)


KOOKOOLELE (Ukulele) – Caleb Rogers
In this class we will use our ukuleles to explore various aspect of music and performance. We will learn how to play by ear, visit many different genres of music, such as: blues, folk, rock and flamenco. We will also look at how songs are put together, and even have a go at writing some music of our own. Kookoolele is a little bit of everything—made easy.  Caleb is tri-lingual and is able to instruct in English, Spanish and French.

Age Ranges: 6-10, teen and Adult
Required Materials: Ukulele, Yenny’s Music or Music6000
Tuesdays 3:30p – 4:20p for ages 6-10 (new and continuing students)
Tuesdays 4:30p - 5:20p for ages 6-10 (new and continuing students)
Tuesdays 6p – 6:50p for Teen/Adults (Class is open to new students)


Intermediate Snare – Tim Dyeson
This class will build upon earlier sticking techniques and elementary rudiments to advance the student's learning. Instruction will include learning to read more advanced drum notation.
Required Materials: Snare Practice Kit
Age Range: 7 – Adult
Tuesdays 4:30p – 5:20p (continuing students and new students with assessment)


PIANO – Rosetta Patterson & Erin Anderson
Beginning Piano: During the 17 weeks of classes, the students will learn the basic fundamentals of beginner piano including reading music, transposition of beginner music, and the structure of music through theory. The goal is not to teach them all they must know in order to play the piano effectively, but rather to instill a love for music in their lives as they become grounded in the foundation of it! 
Ages range: 8 to teen
Instrument Requirement: A keyboard or preferably a piano for practice (61 keys or more)
Practice books: Instructors will let you know what piano books to purchase on the first day of class.
Optional Materials: A set of music flashcards preferably by Jane Smisor Bastien. Yennys Music store or online through Prima Music.
Tuesdays 4:30p – 5:20p
Tuesdays 5:30p - 6:20p


RECORDER – Michael Green
Intermediate Recorder
This course is for students with previous recorder experience but would like to enjoy the instrument once again by learning new notes and new, more complex songs. Harmony and music theory will be explored.
Age Range 11 - Adult
Prerequisites: Prior recorder experience from an organized setting (school music class, a home book program, etc.)
Required Materials: Recorder; light colored like white or beige are best, strong plastic is best.

VOICE – Erin Anderson
Worship and Harmony
In this class we will explore the many elements of singing in a worship band. Students will learn and/or review the basic concepts of how to sing (i.e. proper technique, vowel placement, breath support, ear training etc.) as well as how to sing back up in a group and as a worship leader. This teaches the student how to project their individual voice to lead a church congregation as well as how to sing harmony when they are supporting the lead singer. Students will learn how to control their voices, using it as an instrument that must be trained and fine-tuned to each individual. Weekly assignments given to strengthen ability so student must be committed to daily practice. As this is a group class, the student will learn how to work as a team-to blend and support one another to produce the highest quality sound.
Requirements: by audition, call to arrange time
Age Range: 13-18

Worship Band Fundamentals - Blake Rasmussen
This 8 week course will cover many of the basic skills and concepts needed to participate in a contemporary worship band. This class is open for anyone 12 and older who has at least basic skills on acoustic or electric guitar, bass, piano, and drums. These topics will include:

  • Preparation
  • Transposing
  • Using a capo
  • Nashville number system
  • Critical listening/mapping out a song
  • Understanding your role
  • Rehearsal etiquette 
  • Basic equipment 
  • Picking a worship set

Age Range: 12 and up
Mondays  4:30p-6p (Class is open to new students)
Eight Weeks, special pricing. Call SOTA at 360.669.6355


COST: Weekly Acting & Music Classes
$204 for Full 17 week session or $51 in four payments
Plus registration & supply fees
February 15 – June 9, 2016

SEWING FOR FUN– Melinda Brein
Sewing - Beginning and Intermediate: Work at your own pace as you learn how to sew! Practice the use of sewing techniques to create projects. By the end of the class session student will have mastered the use of both hand and machine sewing, how to plan and execute a sewing project, and use a sewing pattern. Have fun creating projects as you work through kits designed to teach at different skill levels.
Examples of projects created in this class: Pillow cover/doll sleeping bag (kit 101), pincushion (kit 102), drawstring bag (kit 103), pajama pants (kit 200) and more. Class is open to new and continuing students!
Age Range: 7 - 16
Supplies Fee: $50- includes: Fabric, felt, tracing paper, thread, trims, patterns, elastic, buttons, needles, bean bag filler.
Mondays 4p-6p or
Thursdays 4p-6p

Sewing for Adults (ages 16+): Whether you are starting from the very beginning or you have some experience using a sewing machine, come and further your knowledge of sewing, pattern manipulation, and techniques.
Projects will run between two to four class sessions.
Class Maximum: 6
Supplies Fee: Varies per project ($20 to $40 per project and will include materials needed to complete each project)
Tuesdays 6p-8p (Class is open to new students)

* Required items for ALL Sewing Classes:
Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Users Manuel
Sewing Machine Cords and foot
Sewing Machine Bobbins
Fabric Scissors/snips
Functional seam ripper
80/12 machine needles for sewing machine
Notebook – SOTA will provide!

COST: Weekly Sewing Classes
$255 for Full 17 week session or $63.75 in four payments
Plus registration and supply fees

February 15 - June 9, 2016

Contact Info:
Bethel Church—School of the Arts
Erica Dyeson, Director
360.669.6355     *     email